What Is Copybook?

Copybook is a global business network where companies can post their information, including pictures, videos, documents and a whole variety of media forms they may wish to promote to attract new customers worldwide. With over 25 years experience, the team at Copybook has refined our service to attract users and readers and to generate new customers for our clients worldwide.

Copybook has rapidly grown into a global entity with a worldwide network through streamlining our services and utilizing the very latest technologies available today.

Our customers matter – We strive to deliver excellence!

These days there are too many ways for companies to advertise and promote their services. It can be a corporate minefield for a marketing department to decide whether to attend a trade show, advertise in a magazine, spend more time and money on developing corporate websites, use pay-per-click campaigns or any number of new technologies that seem to pop up every day.

All too often we hear stories of media companies overcharging for services in just one of these technologies, leaving clients worldwide dismayed and sometimes lost in finding an effective marketing solution. We are here to simplify this process for all and to offer companies, whether large or small, true Value for Money with our global business network.

The Service Copybook Provides

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I.T Department

By implementing the very latest technologies combined with the expertise of our IT
professionals, we believe that Copybook is able to offer the very best service worldwide. The IT Department consists of website specialists, writers, designers, system developers, programmers and coding professionals.

Graphics Department

Our graphics department can deal with all design requests including corporate branding, logos, website or printing designs. Our design professionals will be able to allocate a specialist who can deal with your specific requirements and organise a tailor-made solution.

Editorial Department

In addition to our reporters we have professional in-house copywriters, content creators and editors. We ensure that you are receiving the very best service in relation to unique content and SEO functionality. Through utilising this expert input you can massively increase the level of clicks you receive on all of your content.

Research & Development

Copybook is always striving for excellence! In order to achieve the optimum level of service it is important for us to keep abreast of the relevant technologies available. In order to keep ahead of the competition we have a specialist Research and Development team that focus on implementing such technologies and making them available for our customers.

Human Resources

Put simply – Staff matter! In addition to the goals we have for our customers, it is important for us to offer all staff a happy and rewarding working environment and a level of respect that is above and beyond the call of law. We have ambitious recruiting plans and take all staff comments and suggestions extremely seriously so we can move the company forward progressively and, at the same time, have a happy, fun but professional working attitude.

Social Media

Social media is the cornerstone to the internet and is an effective, instantaneous way to reach thousands of potential customers. Our social media department maintains multiple thriving social media communities, full of industry professionals and enthusiasts, ensuring that your content and products reach the right audience.


All accounts are dealt with at our corporate headquarters in Exeter. The team work closely together to ensure all queries are dealt with swiftly and effectively and strive to deal with all enquiries within 24 hours of receipt.


We are proud of the fact that we have a global network of news reporters who can instantly write about issues affecting specific industries within minutes of the story emerging. We are continually striving to improve our service and would welcome enquiries from individuals who believe they have what it takes to become a freelance reporter or photographer. Please email if this applies to you.

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Our international teams will be happy to assist you whatever your enquiry. Please email the office nearest to you and we will do our best get back to you as soon as possible.

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