Are All Meetings Really Necessary?

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Are All Meetings Really Necessary?

Work Meetings

Meetings tend to be a staple feature of the workplace, acting as a point of collaboration and contact for employees. They can be a great place for sharing new ideas, keeping everyone up-to-date and in the loop and for making sure everyone is working towards the same goal. But these apparent benefits of meetings can sometimes lead to an overindulgence that causes frustration and even less work being accomplished.

If your workplace is starting to get too meeting-heavy, here are some steps that can be taken to improve things:

Make Meetings More Efficient

  • Firstly, make sure a meeting is definitely needed
  • Plan exactly what needs to be discussed beforehand
  • Send out notification in advance so that people can clear schedules/ensure their attendance is necessary
  • Set shorter meeting times – if a meeting is set for an hour, often they will be drawn out to fill the time
  • Send out notes afterwards and make sure everyone knows what it expected of them


 Make Your Business More ‘Fewer Meetings’ Friendly

  • Set ‘no meeting days’ – agree to have one day a week without any meetings
  • Set up other avenues of communication where people can share ideas e.g. through emails or via online chat
  • Set up avenues of work sharing, such as using Google docs to collaborate on work.
  • Create block of uninterrupted work time so that workers feel like they have long periods of work accomplishment.


It is said that employees, on average, attend up to 62 meetings per month, which spreads out to around 3 meetings everyday. As such it is clear that being in meetings, preparing for meetings and discussing meeting outcomes can take up a large portion of the day, leaving very little time to get into one’s own work.

There is no doubt that meetings are important, for many of the points already expressed in this article. But as with anything, moderation is the key and if a surfeit is starting to emerge in your business, perhaps it’s worth taking some of these suggestions on board.

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