Becoming A Global Business Network

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Becoming A Global Business Network

We’ve been going through a lot of massive changes recently and it’s all with one aim in mind – to become the most in-depth Global Business Network.

It’s been a comprehensive and extensive overhaul that has changed almost every aspect of our service to bring you the best results and the most successful business transactions. It’s also an on-going process as we learn from what we’ve already done, what’s working best, and so continue to improve.Military Business Network

One of the main changes that we are making is to move our currently specific industry ‘platforms’ under our main Copybook name. As such we have recently changed the names to simply reflect the industries that Copybook serves.

Due to this change, our social media accounts have also followed suit. To show our Global Business Network aim, the accounts have changed to variations of, for example, Military Business Network or just Military Network. They’ll still contain all the latest news, products, events and updates that you’ve came to expect, but now simply as an industry specific arm of our Copybook Business Network.

In essence this is simply a note to let you know why our name has changed across our accounts and that it’s all in order to make Copybook the leading Global Business Network.

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