Copybook Takes You Around the Top Hospital Expos

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Copybook Takes You Around the Top Hospital Expos

Hospital Trade Shows

The Copybook Around the World in Eight Hospital Expos. We’re put together an infographic that details some of the top exhibitions in the Hospital and medical industry, helping you choose the right event for the best return on investment.

Industry events take place all year round in many different countries and we’ve put together this virtual around the world tour to explain what to expect from some of the leading ones in the Hospital sector. We provide all the information on what’s going on at each, as well as helping achieve the right work/ relaxation balance by detailing what to enjoy in the hosting countries.


KIMES Expo – Mid March

South Korea is next for the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show in March. The country is renowned for its huge growth and development, ranking as the world’s most innovative and research-intensive country, and KIMES takes advantage of the entire Coex Exhibition Venue in Seoul throughout the event.

KIMES takes place over four days, with a rigorous schedule of seminars, demonstrations and hundreds of businesses promoting their products. Six hundred new products launch each year exclusively at the event, so where better to see all the latest from the industry? And for those looking to exhibit in a place where they will experience a lot of visitors are likely to be interested in the 72,000 attendees that made their way to KIMES 2015.

Med Expo – Early May

In May you’ll head to Kenya to attend the Med Expo. Lying on the equator means it’s great for sun-lovers, with a glorious tropical climate for serious networking in a great climate.

The Med Expo is the fastest growing medical sector expo on the African continent and opens up an exciting new market for health professionals in every sector, from dental to laboratory research, which are all catered to. This is a far reaching health expo, covering a huge range of markets that are currently in development, so it’s an excellent opportunity for many businesses looking to expand.

Trade shows and industry exhibitions are the ideal place to network, form new relationships and explore untried markets. Organising to meet with other businesses during the tight schedules of the trade shows can be difficult and stressful, so use Copybook’s unique events feature to plan in advance and have a well-planned, stress-free event.


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