Introducing our New Site

Copybook launches their new and improved Global Business Network. Now users can upload their own content and publish it immediately. Sign up for free today!
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Introducing our New Site

Copybook's Global Business NetworkIncorporating Many New Features
Today we launched Version 1.1.0 of our brand new Global Business Network.

Our customer’s problems identified

Companies can waste thousands of pounds through marketing their products or services inefficiently. Very often they overspend on advertising, trade shows, magazines and marketing on the Internet. All of these methods can be expensive, time consuming and often bear no results at all. 

Our Solution

Copybook embraces cutting edge, custom-built new technologies that offer a complete low price worldwide marketing solution to suit any company’s needs. We have modern responsive sites, allowing users to upload their own content so that content can be instantly published and we have our own dedicated team of national and international reporters. Our sites also allow for cross-platform searches so that if a user searches for something on our military site for example, they can choose to see all the results from across the Copybook network.

Global Business NetworkGetting Results for our Users

Now we have introduced a text delivery service to all our customers so they can receive enquiries immediately. This means they can respond whether they are near an Internet connection or not to avoid costly delays. Of course, we still deliver enquiries via email and customers can login at any time to download them too.

Your Own Dashboard

When you sign up with Copybook, you have access to your own personal dashboard. This enables customers to instantly upload and post an abundance of new materials including videos, images, documents, articles and so much more. No longer do you have to wait for a production team to do things for you.

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    Truly said. Copybook is an effective tool in marketing.

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