Key Points in B2B Social Media Marketing

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Key Points in B2B Social Media Marketing

Since the latest Twitter redesign and the change in profile layouts we’ve been working to get all of our platform accounts looking sharp and snappy. We’re pleased to say that all are now up to date, with the Copybook twitter the final profile to get its makeover. With its new, professional looking header it’s looking very dapper if we do say so ourselves!

Copybook Twitter

On the topic of the Copybook twitter feed — we’ve been tweeting about a variety of news from the B2B and marketing industry this week. Here are some of the choice picks:

There are key shifts developing in social media marketing, with one of the biggest being that Facebook is losing its shine. While it is still the most important social media site, marketers are moving away from the network, with only 43 percent feeling that their Facebook efforts are effective.

Google Plus, on the other hand – that once sneered at social network – is starting to look more attractive to marketers, with 61 percent planning to increase their activities on the site this year.

Blogging is back on the rise, with an increased blogging activity from marketers that hasn’t been seen since 2010. People are also catching on that visual content is the way forward, with marketers wanting to start creating their own images, infographics and even original videos.

Finally there was also a post advising B2B marketers to not overlook the B2C, as business decision-makers are more likely to consider brands that consumers know, trust and feel connected to.

As always, keep an eye on the Copybook Twitter feed for all the latest updates.

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