To Twitter and Beyond

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To Twitter and Beyond

Twitter IconAll of our industry sector platforms are supported by a wide social media network, with each having its own dedicated Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter profile. It is here that we share the latest news, events and the occasional meme to a reader base that continues to grow on a daily basis.

The social media accounts focus on the same sector as the platforms and so our followers have developed into flourishing communities of enthusiasts, experts and industry professionals. We’ve created an even greater sense of community through the setting up of Google Plus groups, such as the well-established AV Geeks for the aviation fans and the up-and-coming Environment Matters for those concerned about our planet.

With so many like-minded individuals gathered together on our social media profiles, our platform content is shared directly with those to whom it will be most interesting and engaging.

Our mission is to continue to grow and cultivate our online presence, including branching out into new and upcoming areas. We’ll be posting news about our social media updates here on the blog and you can also follow the Copybook Twitter feed for all the latest information. Keep in touch!

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